A mentoring workshop designed for actors by the founder 
  and instructor of the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars 
and "The Battlefied: Winning Auditions" classes

Welcome to Actor’s Haven

 “Actor’s Haven” is an industry mentoring career workshop for actors which is launching in January 2013.

It is intended to provide a unique “safe haven” experience for actors to catch their breath at the end of a week, 
get invaluable insight from an experienced industry pro, refresh their career focus passion, and prepare 
with renewed confidence and purpose for the next work week as a professional actor in Los Angeles.

This weekend haven workshop was developed by industry Director/Producer/Writer Guy Magar. 
Guy is also the founder and acting instructor of “The Battlefield: Winning Auditions” 

“I remember starting out in this business and came to Los Angeles when I was accepted 
at the American Film Institute. During my early years, I wished I had a "mentor" - one 
who knew how this business worked, someone I could meet with weekly and get their input 
and guidance to assist me on my journey.  I always wished I had a “safe haven” in this town, 
and I committed to provide one for actors. I believe actors will embrace this mentoring opportunity.”

                                                         Actor's Haven will be limited to 10 actors per session, 
                                                            and available twice on Saturdays at: 

                                                1st Haven: 12-2pm        2nd Haven: 3-5pm
                                              Session Fee: First time $50           Next Sessions: $35

                                              First session includes a free signed copy of Guy's 
                                                     Hollywood career memoir:
                                                    A Filmmaker's Journey into the Lights of Hollywood and True Love

Location: Once you sign up, you will receive location instructions. Sessions will take 
place in the mid-Wilshire area near The Grove shopping center by 3rd Street and Fairfax.

"Very Guy's no BS attitude...what he taught gave me permission to take control of the audition!"
Kate Peckham, Actress - The Battlefield

Session Program
Actor’s Battlefield Mantra Meditation will begin and end each session.
Guy will speak about the industry and share invaluable tips about auditioning and the acting profession.
Actors will each have the opportunity to share their week’s experience, their on-going career
journey, and discuss work challenges such as finding an agent and upcoming auditions.

There will be no scene work at these sessions...this is about career refocusing and guidance for actors.
However, if you wish for one-on-one training to prepare for an audition or seek advice with

                                        career decisions, you'll have an opportunity to set it up directly with Guy pending his work schedule. 

If you could use a relaxed, nurturing, empowering, mentoring, weekend workshop, this is it!
                                 To sign up, send an email with “Actor’s Haven” in subject line and include 
                               your resume and your headshot to:
                                You will receive an application link and will be notified when the first sessions can be scheduled.

“Got the real juice from a real experienced director...Guy's mentoring and expertise boosted my confidence!"
Jonathan Sayres, Actor - The Battlefield

Read Guy’s fun and edgy Hollywood industry blog at The Wrap: click here

                            Bio: Guy Magar is a director/writer/producer in feature films and TV with over 100
                                 production credits including: La Femme Nikita - Sliders - Hunter - Dark Avenger - Raven
                               The A-Team - Blue Thunder - Our Family Honor - Hardball - Lady Blue - Fortune Hunter 
                                Welcome to Paradox - Retribution - Lookin' Italian - Children of the Corn: Revelation.

                                         Guy was the founder and instructor of the popular series of 
                                         acting classes called
“The Battlefield: Winning Auditions.” 
He has taught creative filmmaking to thousands of participants at his 
  Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars during his seminar tours in major USA cities, and discovers 
new young talent through
his annual Action/Cut Short Film Competition at: 

Guy is the author of the published Hollywood career memoir
“Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot: A Filmmaker's Journey 
into the Lights of Hollywood and True Love"

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"Thank you for sharing your knowledge as it gave me a better appreciation of the craft. I learned so much at your Action/Cut Filmmaking seminar, and I'll be a more valuable actor because of it!" Linda Carter, Actress (TX)

"This is exactly what I needed but didn't know existed! I drove 10 hours to hear Guy Magar, and would now travel 
to a foreign country to learn more from him!"
Rod Fielder, Screenwriter (OH)

"Action/Cut was the best thing that ever happened to me. Guy Magar is the best film teacher I ever had...I loved it!" 
Kevin Hodge, Writer/Director (FL)

                  To sign up, send an email with “Actor’s Haven” in subject line and include your
                resume and your headshot to:
You will then receive a reply email with a link to choose a first session Haven date 
                   and fill out an application for your upcoming mentoring workshop here:

                    When you can be scheduled for a HAVEN workshop, we will contact you by email. 
                   Once you confirm your registration, you will receive  location directions, payment info, etc...

We look forward to your participation in the Actor's Haven workshops,
               and Guy Magar looks forward to meeting and working with you.


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